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About Us

Jewelry for a cause

Alili bold Accessories is a fundraiser Jewelry Brand that is owned and operated by K W Stephens Ministries a nonprofit organization located in Waco Texas. All the funds from this Jewelry are used to help victims and survivors of domestic abuse families affected by drug abuse in the Waco Texas area. 
Alili Bold Accessories sprung out the love for Kenyan Jewelry. The founder is an American citizen who was born and raised in Kenya. Being in America made her long for African Jewelry and because she could not travel to Africa due to family commitments, she was not able to get the jewelry because the price of shipping them to her was very expensive. 
One day during the pandemic she thought to make similar Jewelry, and that is how Alili was born. Being born and raised in Africa and spent most of her life in America the jewelry speaks to both cultures.
our gorgeous collections are affordable because they are made here in the USA, but what sets us apart is the boldness and the different approach to ethnic pieces which strive to keep the authentic culture but also include the mix of cultures we live in and the different age groups. 
In the USA by her and with accessories from here they look similar but different. But that is why she loves them. She has been in the USA for 25 years therefore as much as she would like to be 100 % African, it is not possible. Her eating, her mannerism, and everything else have a little bit of American and that is how the Jewelry is. Jewelry has a little bit of most cultures.

About Us: About Us
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